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This Master Thesis was published in October 2009, by VDM Verlag (one of the leading publishing houses of academic research).

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Blogviz was presented as a poster at InfoVis'05 Conference, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, in November 2005.

InfoVis is the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization and the primary meeting in this field.
Copyright 2005 - Manuel Lima

Blogviz has been accepted as a paper/poster in the following conferences:

ICMI'05 Workshop on Multimodal Interaction for the Visualization and Exploration of Scientific Data - Seventh International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces,
Trento, Italy

IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (InfoVis 2005),
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

IS&T/SPIE's Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis 2006,
San Jose, California, USA.


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