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This Master Thesis was published in October 2009, by VDM Verlag (one of the leading publishing houses of academic research).

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Blogviz was presented as a poster at InfoVis'05 Conference, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, in November 2005.

InfoVis is the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization and the primary meeting in this field.
Copyright 2005 - Manuel Lima

Blogviz Database

The main reason why this procedure was spread over 3 different sources was that none of them individually congregate all the needed elements to use in Blogviz. In the beginning I was expecting to work with a single data source, but further along in the process I concluded that each source had a specific core asset that was particularly useful for the development of the project. I believe this process was also positive since it took a more pluralistic approach not constrained by the limitations of a single source.

The data was collected through the months of April and March 2005.

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