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This Master Thesis was published in October 2009, by VDM Verlag (one of the leading publishing houses of academic research).

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Blogviz was presented as a poster at InfoVis'05 Conference, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, in November 2005.

InfoVis is the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization and the primary meeting in this field.
Copyright 2005 - Manuel Lima

Blogging presents one of the most fascinating social phenomenons of our time. This change in the flow of online information might radically change the way we look at news providers and large media conglomerates.

What's Blogviz?

Blogviz is a flash driven visualization model for mapping the transmission and internal structure of top links across the blogosphere. It explores the idea of meme propagation by assuming a parallel with the spreading of most cited URLs in daily weblog entries.

Blogviz is currently a portrait of blogosphere’s topic activity during the first 64 days of 2005. Nevertheless, the model was developed to easily incorporate different timeframes. Blogviz will continue to expand in the future, to the possible point of including real-time data.

Why it matters?

The blogosphere provides an extraordinary online laboratory to analyze how trends, ideas and information travel through social communities. However, this vast atlas of thousands of memes, with clear trails of progression, it’s not observable by most of us.

Blogviz is an attempt to produce a dynamic visual map of this meme pool activity. By uncovering the modus operandi behind the blogosphere, we might be able to improve our knowledge on the mechanics of online social communities, and consequently, how information spreads within these environments.


The main goal of Blogviz is to improve our understanding of the dynamics of information propagation among weblogs by unraveling hidden patterns in the topics diffusion process.

- What’s the life cycle of a topic?
- How does it start and how does it evolve through time?
- Are topics constrained to a specific community of users?
- Who are the most influential and innovative blogs in any topic?
- Are there any relationships amongst topic proliferators?

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